Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation Therapy


Types of ECMO?

There are two types of ECMO therapy:

  • Venoarterial (VA)
  • Venovenous (VV)


These terms refer to the blood vessels that are used during the ECMO procedure.

In VA ECMO, a catheter must be placed in both a vein and an artery. This technique give excellent support for the heart in addition to the lungs, and is the method of choice when heart function is concerned. It is also used in children with possible blood pressure problems who need the added support.

In VV ECMO, a single catheter is placed in a vein. It is used in children who have no significant heart or blood pressure issues since it is primarily used to support lung function. The advantage of this method is that the carotid artery is not altered as it is in the VA method.