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The Pediatric Wholistic Medicine Clinic offers comprehensive holistic treatments for irritable bowel syndrome and chronic abdominal pain.  We are now conducting a study to determine the effectiveness of these treatments for children 8-17 years of age with the diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome or chronic abdominal pain that needs further evaluation. 

We use a patient-centered, whole-person approach to treat pediatric and adult chronic abdominal pain and irritable bowel.  Our treatments always begin with the diet. Since stress can cause physical damage to the gut, we make sure that individuals learn stress-reduction techniques when necessary.  Some people with abdominal pain may have excess "bad" bacteria or fungus, as such, we may use antifungal or antibacterial herbs or medicines to reduce the numbers of these "bad" microorganisms.  Probiotics are then used to replenish the "good" bacteria that are essential for healthy intestinal functioning.  Often, we also use various herbs and supplements to help the intestines heal even more effectively.

If you would like to participate in this reseach study, please call (909) 558-4594 or email us at wholistickids@llu.edu.