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Wayne K. Cheng, M.D., is part of a select group of prominent spine surgeons who have been chosen to participate in multiple spine clinical research trials. These clinical trials provide:

  • Evaluation of the newest and latest in spine technology
  • Evaluation of the safety and effectiveness of spinal devices
  • Alternative modes of treatment other than the traditional standard of care
  • Potential benefit of preserving the motion of the cervical and lumbar spine
  • Potential improvement of quality of life


Dr. Cheng is the Principal Investigator on the following clinical trials:

  • Spinal Motion - Kineflex, single-level lumbar artificial disc replacement
  • Medtronic - Prestige, two-level cervical artifical disc replacement
  • Archus Orthopedics - Total Facet Arthroplasty System, facet replacement
  • Medtronic - DIAM, spinal stabilization system, conservative versus stabilization surgery
  • Depuy Spine - CARES Registry, registry of total disc replacement recipients
  • Zimmer Spine - Trinica Screw configuration, fixed vs. variables


All clinical trials must be approved through the Loma Linda Institutional Review Board before the beginning of patient enrollment. All studies are then conducted by the protocol guidelines of the sponsor and the Food and Drug Administration.

Patients are pre-screened to determine whether or not they meet inclusion/exclusion criteria set for each individual study.

All patients interested in obtaining more information, please call Elisabeth Clarke at 909-835-1779, or email at: