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Residency Program - application and selection


Applications are received through ERAS, and applicants are assessed on the basis of academic record, references, and personal qualities without prejudice of race, color, sex, or religion. The program attempts to attract some candidates whose career interests are academic. Particular consideration in the selection of all candidates is given to those personal qualities that are important in the field of rehabilitation medicine. The residency committee makes the final selection.

Candidates for the PGY-1 positions are invited to visit Loma Linda for an interview on one of the six Fridays during November - January.

Program Director:
Murray E. Brandstater, MBBS, PhD
Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Associate Program Director:
Mary I. Kim, MD
Assistant Professor
Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Program Coordinator:
Betti Jimenez
11406 Loma Linda Drive, Suite 516
Loma Linda, California 92354

Phone: (909) 558-6202

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