Our Brand Family

Our entities comprise a distinctive brand family, one marked by our foundation in faith, our history of more than a century,
our international reputation for innovation and compassion and our focus on clinical care, education, research and wellness.

Our graphic identity system helps us communicate these distinctions.
We have reviewed and revised our system to ensure that it:

  • Reflects the provenance and purpose that hold our organization together and the attributes that set it apart
  • Is informed by feedback from wide-ranging audiences—internal and external, local and global
  • Is traditional yet fresh, consistent yet flexible, elegant yet efficient
  • Conveys our sense of what this organization is and our vision of what it can become
  • Creates a unified and recognized corporate image to clarify and strengthen our brand
  • Supports each area’s production of communication materials that are distinctive yet harmonious
  • Enables all areas to contribute to and benefit from the equity of our master brand

How well this system serves us depends on how effectively we implement it.
Recognizing that, the Executive Council and Board of Trustees moved that all communications and materials that represent
the organization are to comply with the Graphic Identity Guide’s requirements for contributing to a cohesive corporate look.