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Tuberous Sclerosis Clinic

The Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC) clinic at Loma Linda University Health Care was the first TSC clinic organized on the west coast and began operating in 2004. This “clinic without walls” for adults and children, uses a multi-disciplinary approach that provides all appropriate medical and surgical services related to the many complications of TSC.

Patients are initially seen and evaluated by clinic director Stephen Ashwal, MD and clinic coordinator Holly Bernardi, RN. Patients are then referred for subspecialty consultation, testing and treatment. All subspecialists have substantial experience in evaluating and managing individuals with TSC (see multidisciplinary team list).

The clinic is a member of the national Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance and participates in national multicenter clinical trials related to TSC.

The TSC clinic is held once a week and as needed at the LLUHC Pediatric Neurology Clinic.

Stephen Ashwal, MD

Dr. Stephen Ashwal is the clinic director and has been a member of the Division of Child Neurology in the Department of Pediatrics at Loma Linda University School of Medicine since 1976 and currently serves as Chief of the Division. He is board certified in Adult and Pediatric Neurology as well as Psychiatry.

Dr. Ashwal has been caring for children and adults with a variety of complex neurological conditions including Tuberous Sclerosis for over thirty years.

He is committed to the care of patients with serious neurological disorders as well as helping families optimizing their long term potential.

Holly Bernardi, RN, BSN

Holly Bernardi is the Tuberous Sclerosis Clinic coordinator for Loma Linda University Health Care. Holly has been a nurse for Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital and Loma Linda University Health Care with five years of clinical experience.

She enjoys assisting in the total spectrum of care needed in the coordination of the multidisciplinary specialties involved with Tuberous Sclerosis.

Multidisciplinary Tuberous Sclerosis Team

 Pediatric Services  
 Cardiology Ranae Larsen 909-558-4207
 Dental Services LLU School of Dentistry
 Dermatology Linda Golkar 909-558-2809
 Genetics Robin Clark 909-835-1810
 Nephrology Drew Cutler 909-558-2388
 Neurology Stephen Ashwal 909-835-1810
 Neuroradiology Karen Tong 909-558-4010
 Neurosurgery Renee Osterdock 909-558-6388
 Ophthalmology Jennifer Dunbar 909-558-2154
 Orthopedics James Shook 909-558-2808
 General Pediatrics Agnez Gugan 909-558-2848
 Pulmonary Yvonne Fanous 909-558-2388
 Psychiatrist William Murdoch 909-558-6080
 Psychology Services Kiti Freier 909-558-4170
 Rehabilitation Medicine Murray Brandstater 909-558-6279
 Urology Herbert Ruckle 909-558-2830
 Adult Services  
 Dermatology Nancy Anderson 909-558-2809
 Internal Medicine Suzanne Rizkalla 909-558-2870
 Nephrology Victor Lamin 909-558-2624
 Neurology Lori Uberzak 909-558-2880
 Pulmonary Philip Gold 909-558-2896
 Urology Herbert Ruckle 909-558-2830


For More Information

For questions or appointments please contact TSC coordinator Holly Bernardi, RN directly at (909) 835-1825.

For more information about the Pediatric Neurology Team and other Specialty Clinics please view our web site.


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