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Male Infertilty

Male testing always involves doing a sperm analysis. Recently, over-the-counter sperm kits are available to do sperm testing. We don't recommend them, as men may have normal numbers of sperm, but the ability of those sperm to penetrate (fertilize) eggs is low. We recommend sperm testing in our sperm specialty lab. Our Andrologist Dr. Chan has spent a lifetime studying sperm, and has published many papers in international medical literature.

There are several levels of sperm testing, ranging from simple counting of the number of sperm in a specimen to functional tests where the sperm DNA is evaluated for integrity, and the sperm is checked to see if it can penetrate the membrane (fertilize) of the egg. Accurate sperm testing allows your doctor to help you choose the fertility treatment that is most likely to result in pregnancy.

There are situations where referral to a urologist is appropriate. A urologist is a doctor who specializes in male fertility issues. Occasionally genetic testing may also be recommended.