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November 7-9, 2008

Fourth Annual Conservation Laryngeal Surgery and Endoscopic Sinus Course will be held.  Guest speakers include Dr. Ralph Tufano from John Hopkins University and Dr. Robert Ferris from University of Pittsburgh.  If you would like to attend please contact .

October 4-6, 2008

Third Annual Skull Base Course was held in conjunction with the Loma Linda Univeristy Neurosurgery Department.  Guest faculty included Dr. Lawrence Marentette and Dr. Johnny Delashaw.  Didactic lectures as well as cadaveric dissection on Subcranial approaches, craniofacial resections, endoscopic skull base surgery and lateral skull base surgery was covered.  Over 30 residents from multiple residency programs of the Western United States attended.  Thank you to our sponsors for another successful educational program.

July 2008

We are pleased announce new faculty joining the Department of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery.  Dr. Helen Xu finished an otology fellowship with Dr. Paparella and will join Dr Charles Stewart III.  Dr. Miguel Krishnan who is fellowship trained in pediatric otolaryngology will join Dr. Mark Rowe.

June 2008

Congratulations to our graduates. Dr. Gina Jefferson will be doing a Head and Neck and Microvascular reconstruction fellowship at the University of Miami. Dr. Todd Miller will be doing a facial plastics fellowship with Lifestyle Lift in San Diego. Dr. Brian Boynton will be joining a group practice in Riverside, California. We wish the best to them. 

May 2008

Loma Linda Otolaryngology Trip to Ebeye, Marshall Islands

The Loma Linda Department of Otolaryngology along with Canvasback Missions of Benecia, California went to the islet Ebeye in the Marshall Islands for a humanitarian mission trip. The group spent two weeks running ENT clnics, one OR, and one procedure room at the Leiroj Kitlang Memorial Health Center on Ebeye. The islet of Ebeye is part of the Kwajelein Atoll in the Marshall islands of the South Pacific Ocean. The 80 acres that comprise the land mass of Ebeye is home to population of over 13,000 people.

Senior surgeons included John Kim (Loma Linda, CA) and Thomas Stewart Sr. (Paradise, CA). Audiologist Dave Mcgann (Loma Linda, CA), Otolaryngology resident Thomas Stewart Jr. (Loma Linda, CA), family practice resident Jennifer Ward (Loma Linda, CA), anesthesiologist Bruce Reiman (Oroville, CA), RN's Susan Reiman (Oroville, CA) and Ray Baretta (Loma Linda, CA), and Cavasback founders Jamie and Jaque Spence (Benecia, CA) also attended.

More that 50 otologic surgical cases were performed. In addition, the team performed a lacrimal gland tumor removal, a FESS, an excision of severe rhinophyma and a total thyroidectomy. Fourteen tympanomastoidescomies were performed. The remainder of the otologic surgeries consisted of pressure equalization tube placements and ear exams under anesthesia. 

March 2008

Approval for new Fellowship in Head and neck surgery-Microvascular reconstruction. A one year clinical fellowship is available starting July 2008. This will include all aspects of head and neck oncologic surgery, minimally invasive thyroid and parathyroid surgery, minimally invasive skull base surgery, and microvascular free tissue reconstruction of the head and neck. Contact for further information.

March 2, 2008

Annual postgraduate convention included guest speakers Dr. David Conley from Northwestern who discussed recent updates in sinusitis management, and Dr. Kay Lee from Stanford University who gave updates in pediatric otolaryngology management.

December 2007

We are pleased to be joined by 4 new residents from the Martin Luther Drew King program. Gina Jefferson, Rene Pena, Sasha Maher and Joseph Ta.

March 15, 2007

Congratulations to our future residents Eugene Snissarenko and Darren Ransberger who will join us this coming July. We look forward to working with you. 

March 13 and 14, 2007

Guest Speaker and previous President of the Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and neck Surgery, Dr. Eugene Myers presented his Lecture on the Evolution of the neck dissection. He also presented his experience with parotid and salivary gland tumors.

March 4, 2007

Annual postgraduate convention (APC) included guest speakers Dr. Dennis Kraus MD from Memorial Sloan Kettering who presented his experience in two lectures titled: "Identification and managment of metastatic disease in cutaneous malignancy", and "Voice rehabilitation after vocal fold paralysis".

Dr. Keith Blackwell MD from University of California at Los Angeles medical center presented his experience of "The use of free tissue transfer for cutaneous defects of the head and neck", and "Facial reanimation after facial paralysis".

Dr. Apurva Thekdi from University of California at San Diego medical center presented his clinical experience of "Update on advances of voice and swallowing".

Dr. Abel Torres, Chairman of the Department of Dermatology from Loma Linda University presented "Identification and treatment of cutaneous malignancy."

Dr. Alfred Simental presented a video and lecture on the "Selective neck dissection: How I do it".

The lecture and turnout was successful and we look forward to seeing you all next year. Please contact Dr. Paul Kim at for potential topics you want to see next year.

November 3-5, 2006

3rd Annual Western Course: State of the Art Concepts in Laryngeal Conservation Surgery.
This event featured Dr. Ralph Tufano from Johns Hopkins University, Dr. Robert Ferris from University of Pittsburgh and, Dr. Alfred Simental. This will include invited residents from the western half of the United States. Morning lectures are followed by cadaveric prosections in the afternoon. Contact Joanne Greene at 909-558-7884 or for more information

3rd Annual Western Course: Basic and Advanced Function Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

Instructors of the course include Dr. Christopher Church. Guest lecturers include Dr. Peter Hwang, Dr. Paul Russell, Dr. Winston Vaughn, Dr. Bozena Wrobel. Morning lectures are followed by cadaveric endoscopic image guided dissection. Contact Joanne Greene at 909-558-7884 or for more information

October 27-29, 2006

1st Annual Western Cranial Base Course.

Instructors include Dr. Frank Hsu and Dr. John Kim. Guest instructors include Dr. Lawrence J. Marentette and Dr. Johnny Delashaw. This is a joint course with Neurosurgical residents and Otolaryngology residents representing the western United States. Morning lectures will be followed by cadaveric dissection. Contact Terry Foster at 909-558-8558 or for more information

July 1, 2006

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Charles "Chuck" Stewart IV, MD has joined our Division of Otolaryngology. Dr. Stewart has just completed a fellowship with Dr. Mark Urken at the Thyroid Head and Neck Cancer Foundation (THANC) at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York. Dr. Stewart specializes in head and neck surgical oncology, microvascular reconstruction, and thyroid and parathyroid diseases.

June 4, 2006

Graduation dinner honoring Dennis Chang and Andrew Florea.

Graduation dinner at Redlands Country Club. Dr. Andrew Florea is planning to do a fellowship in Laryngology at University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Dennis Chang is planning to do a fellowship in Rhinology and Allergy at Northwestern University.

March 20, 2006

We welcome Richard McHugh from University of Southern California and Michell Soltan from Cornell University Medical College as our future residents through the match.

March 5, 2006

3rd Annual Post Graduate Convention (APC) Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Symposium
Our 3rd annual APC symposium focused on sleep apnea and snoring, parotid tumors, updates on voice and swallowing, pediatric otolaryngology, endocrine surgery, and facial plastic surgery. Our guest of honor is Dr. Jonas T. Johnson. Other invited speaker included Dr. James Heinrich in private practice who discussed blepharoplasty.

We enjoyed a good turnout with good discussion. We hope to see you and more alumni next year.

November 4-6, 2005

2nd Annual Western Course: State of the Art Concepts in Laryngeal Conservation Surgery.
This event featured Dr. Ralph Tufano from Johns Hopkins University, Dr. Robert Ferris from University of Pittsburgh and, Dr. Alfred Simental.

See pictures.

3rd Annual Western advanced FESS course.

Over 30 residents from the western United States participated in this course.

Featured Dr. Winston Vaughan from the California Sinus Institute, Dr. Alexander Chiu from University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Bozena Wrobel from University of Southern California, and Dr. Christopher Church from Loma Linda University.

See pictures.

September 26, 2005

Attendees of the 2005 alumni dinner

Thank you to all the alumni who made it to the dinner at the Biltmore during the AAO-HNS meeting. If you have any questions please email Paul Kim at

March 6, 2005

2nd Annual Post Graduate Convention (APC) Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Symposium
Our 2nd Annual APC Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery Symposium was a great success. This year focused on Otologic Surgery with Dr. Brackmann from the Los Angeles House Ear Institute being our guest of honor. Approximately 30 physicians attended, including many previous residency alumni such as Alvin Umeda, Johnny Arruda, Terry Wigley, Jaesung Lee, Daniel Schlund, William Goral, Victor Kitt, Martin Wareham, Mark Rowe, Paul Kim, Chris Church, as well as School of Medicine alumni Rhett Nelson, James Sadoyama, Michael Evard, Elmer Lorenz, Robert Bowers, George Petti, Charles Stewart, and George Chonkich. We are already planning for next year's symposium with the focus on Head & Neck Surgery, which will include salivary tumors, thyroid/parathyroid, laryngeal cancer, reconstruction, etc.

January 14, 2005

Match Day
Congratulations to our newest residents from the match: Piali Dattaray and Thomas Stewart.

November 5, 2004

1st Annual Western Course: State of the Art Concepts in Laryngeal Conservation Surgery
Our first annual course was a great success with the help of coordinator Dr. Alfred Simental and guest course directors Dr. Gregory Weinstein, professor of otolaryngology, head and neck surgery, vice chairman from University of Pennsylvania and Dr. Ralph Tufano, assistant professor, otolaryngology head and neck surgery from Johns Hopkins University. The course included a morning of didactic lectures with afternoon cadaver dissections focusing on supracricoid and supraglottic laryngectomies. The course was offered free to all residents from the western United States and was sponsored by Loma Linda University division of head and neck surgery.

See page with larger versions of these photos.

January 2004

Match day
Congratulations to our newest residents from the match: Jared and Rachel.

November 2003

Western residents' advanced FESS course
Our first annual sinus course for the western otolaryngology residents was a great success. Thanks to the sponsorship of GE Navigation and Visualization and Karl Storz Endoscopy, Dr. Church directed a course which provided a great teaching opportunity for 25 residents. Special thanks goes to our guest instructors Drs. Winston Vaughn and Ankit Patel from Stanford and Dr. Martin Hopp from Cedars-Sinai. We look forward to an even better course next year.

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