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Patient Satisfaction Survey

Survey report for Quarter 1, 2011

Percentile Ranking of Top Box Scores in CMS Database

  Grand Mean Rank* Communication with Nurses Communication with Doctors Responsiveness of Hospital Staff Pain Management
HSH** 99th %ile 93rd %ile 98th %ile 96th %ile 99th %ile

  Communication about Medicines Discharge Information Cleanliness of Hospital Environment Quietness of Hospital Environment Overall Rating of this Hospital Willingness to Recommend this Hospital
HSH** 94th %ile 99th %ile 98th %ile 98th %ile 99th %ile 99th %ile

*These Grand Mean percentile ranks are based on Gallup's Database, not the CMS database.

**HSH = Loma Linda University Heart and Surgical Hospital


What is a percentile rank, and what does it mean?

Percentile identifies the percentage of a group, in this case hospitals, that an individual hospital’s score is better than. For example, a hospital’s patient satisfaction score with a percentile rank of 73 means that hospital’s score is higher than 73% of the comparison hospitals. For HCAHPS, the comparison hospitals may be made up of other hospitals that use Gallup or the HCAHPS survey (about 4000 hospitals).