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Tom & Vi Zapara Rehabilitation Pavilion

The Tom & Vi Zapara Rehabilitation Pavilion is scheduled to open in 2009 as a 30,000 square-foot, 24-bed inpatient rehabilitation facility.  The new Pavilion will support the Loma Linda University Medical Center vision in the coming years through a supportive design that facilitates healing.  
It will provide convenient and efficient access for staff, physicians and visitors alike, ensuring ease of care.

The Pavilion will increase education support and opportunities for both the LLU residency programs and onsite clinical training, as well as enhance research capacity with expanded space for projects.  It will create 100 new career opportunities for nursing and therapy professionals.

Located at ground level of the new Tom and Vi Zapara Rehabilitation Pavilion, Independence Square will serve as the training ground for patients to practice realistic and common activities. Independence Square will include fully operational scenes from everyday life, such as a car, kitchen, bedroom, office, grocery store, and a bank.
We envision Independence Square to be a vibrant, interactive environment with expert therapy, where patients go through an innovative and effective program that helps them transition back to home and work life by mastering one small task at a time.

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