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Loma Linda University's Vision Intervention Program

Loma Linda University’s Vision Intervention Program is a new program sponsored by First 5 Riverside and the Loma Linda University Department of Ophthalmology to provide vision screenings to the children of Riverside County.

Working in conjunction with the El Sol Neighborhood Education Centers and their teams of Promotores de Salud, we will be providing free vision screenings to children 0-5 years of age. Children will be screened with a photorefractive screener from PediaVision, which gives a pass/fail assessment within seconds. Children who fail a screening will be referred to an ophthalmologist or optometrist in their neighborhood.

This generous grant is funded by Proposition 10 tobacco tax funds through First 5 Riverside. It is our goal to screen thousands of children and provide them with early intervention in order to foster proper visual development.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote visual development in children by providing parent education, free vision screenings, and connecting patients to a network of informed caregivers. We are dedicated to providing children with access to resources and to discovering how we can better serve our community.