In a corporate atmosphere, ensuring that your executives and staff have access to top-of-the-line healthcare is an important part of promoting optimal employee morale and creating a happy, healthy working environment.

At Loma Linda University Center for Health Promotion (LLUCHP), our team of dedicated experts has extensive experience in working with corporate human resource departments to provide companies with comprehensive, holistic healthcare.

In addition to diagnosing and treating a variety of physical ailments, our specialists are committed to:

  • Assessing executives' risk factors for serious conditions
  • Providing effective preventative care
  • Teaching patients how to maintain their overall health
  • Offering medical, emotional and spiritual support as executives undergo treatments, work through recovery and adopt healthier lifestyle habits

Our State-of-the-Art Medical Services
To ensure that our executive physical program provides the best possible care, we offer a wide range of cutting-edge medical assessments and treatments, which include but are not limited to:

  • Body composition analysis and weight management programs
  • Fitness testing and exercise plans
  • Cutting-edge diagnostic and treatment services for specifically women, including breast and bone imaging, as well as gynecologic and perinatal care, to promote women's optimal health as their needs change.
  • World-renowned minimally invasive surgery
  • Traditional surgeries, transplants and implantations
  • Screening and treatments for various cancers, including proton radiation therapy, one of the latest advancements in cancer treatments that uses targeted protons to destroy malignancies and minimize damage to surrounding healthy cells.

Our Holistic Approach: Other Services to Promote Overall Wellbeing
Identifying and treating health problems in their early stages is just one part of our executive physical programs. In an effort to improve executives' emotional and spiritual health, LLUCHP also provides the following as part of our corporate healthcare plans:

  • Education classes that teach patients about particular physical or mental health conditions
  • Counseling and support groups for a range of issues, including bereavement, weight issues and chronic or fatal ailments
  • Chaplain services for ongoing spiritual support and guidance

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