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Family Services - Grieving Families

Loma Linda University Medical Center offers comprehensive bereavement care for those who have experienced a death in their family. Each of the four programs offered: Always in My Heart (AiMH), Healing of Parents Experiencing Sorrow (HOPES), Comfort and Recovery Experiences (CARE), and the Sensitive Emergency Approach to Significant Others' Needs in Sorrow (SEASONS) programs meet the unique needs of families as they cope with death of a loved one. All programs provide in-hospital support, family follow-up (by mail and by phone), and support groups. Additionally, written materials can be purchased to help inform families about the process they are going through.      


Bereavement Programs

  • CARE (Support for those who have lost a loved one)
  • Always in My Heart (Support for families who have loss a baby through miscarriage, stillbirth, or newborn death)
  • HOPES (Support for families who have lost a child)
  • SEASONS (Support for those who have experienced the sudden death of a loved one)

Bereavement Support Resources

Additional Resources

If you have questions about any of our resources we would love to hear from you. Contact Kathy McMillan, BSN, MA, Directory of Nursing Bereavement Programs at (909) 558-7828.

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