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CARE (Comfort and Recovery Experience)

Bullet Primary purpose

To provide care and support to families who are grieving the death of an adult loved one. Services are primarily provided by CARE personnel, health-care givers who have completed a  grief training program in adult loss.

Bullet In-hospital support

Support by CARE program personnel is provided at the time of death, whenever possible. Folders with written information are given to all families who experience the death of a loved one. These contain a variety of materials, briefly explaining the grief process and giving tools for how to survive the days and months following the loss.

Bullet Family follow-up

Bereaved families are contacted by a CARE program representative via mail and phone in the first several months after the death. The caller provides support and answers any questions the family may have regarding their feelings and responses to grief. They assess for any special needs and refer to community resources.

Bullet Grief Recovery Group

This support group is offered by Chaplain Services four times each year. The groups begin on the first Monday of January, April, June, and October. Both afternoon and evening options are available. Support groups are also available for children and adolescents.

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