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HOPES bereavement program

(Healing of Parents Experiencing Sorrow)

Primary purpose

To provide care and support to families who are grieving the death of a child. Services are primarily provided by HOPES support personnel, health professionals who have completed a grief training program in pediatric loss.

In-hospital support

Support by a HOPES team member is provided at the time of death, whenever possible. Folders with printed resources are given to all families who experience the death of a child. The folder contains the booklet Shattered Dreams, as well as a variety of other written materials.

Family follow-up

Bereaved families are contacted by a HOPES team member by mail and by phone in the first several months after the death. This individual provides support and answers any questions the family may have regarding their feelings and responses to grief. They assess for any special needs and refer to community resources.

Grief program publications order form (PDF)

Empty Arms and Aching Hearts and Shattered Dreams order form (PDF)