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  • To provide breast cancer survivors with comprehensive, quality care
  • To scientifically advance the fields of research, prevention, education and treatment for survivors of breast cancer in the setting of whole person care


  • Ten million cancer survivors in U.S.
  • Relatively little attention given to cancer patient finished with active treatment
  • Institute of Medicine 2006 From Cancer Patient to Cancer Survivor: Lost in Transition
  • Address physical/psychological symptoms, improving quality of life


  • The breast cancer survivor will come to the survivorship clinic for:
    • Cancer surveillance
    • Evaluation for late effects of therapies received
    • Overall health maintenance recommendations
    • Psychological health evaluation
    • Guidance regarding economic aspects of cancer care
  • Promote research and education to advance the field of survivorship care
  • Survivorship Care Plan
    • Tailored to individual patient
      • Her tumor
      • Her treatment
      • Her post-treatment care
    • Digital, web-based format that is patient and provider-accessible (Currently Being Developed)

Breast Cancer Survivorship Clinic

  • Patient completes active treatment and is referred to Survivorship Clinic
  • Nurse-practitioner (Pam Esquivel) staffs with attending availability
  • Review Survivorship Care Plan
  • Appropriate referrals
    • E.g. osteoporosis clinic, GI clinic
  • Multidisciplinary approach
    • Patient navigator
    • Psychologist
    • Social worker
    • Physical therapist
    • Dietician
    • Prosthetics
  • Disease, not specialty-specific
  • Research to identify mechanisms and risk factors and to develop prevention and treatment strategies for impaired quality of life
  • Improve quality of care and quality of life for breast cancer survivors
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