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The Loma Linda University Cancer Center's Oncology Clinical Research Program allows cancer patients, either newly diagnosed or those presently under treatment, to participate in leading-edge clinical trials through their own oncologists.  The program also participates in cancer-control trials. Resources such as the Biospecimen Laboratory promote translational research by allowing patients to have their cancer tissue preserved for study, in order to help clinicians find better ways to treat the cancer of future patients.   

Oncology Clinical Trials

Please download our most current lists of adult and pediatric clinical research trials below. For additional information, you may contact our Oncology Clinical Research office. Posting of these clinical trials have been approved by the Loma Linda University Institutional Review Board.

For information about other oncology clinical trials, you may also visit these websites:

Biospecimen Laboratory

The Loma Linda University Cancer Center Biospecimen Laboratory will be a resource for providing specimens for researchers to find out more about what causes cancer, how to prevent it as well as how to treat it. Many different kinds of studies use specimens. The results of the study of your specimens will be used for research purposes only and will not be given to you or your doctor. Learn more...

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