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Lung Cancer Center Overview
Loma Linda University Cancer Center's (LLUCC) approach to lung cancer treatment and research is comprehensive, interdisciplinary and patient focused. This means that the health-care professionals function as a cohesive team, working to develop the best treatment options for our patients. Our health-care delivery team strives to stay on the forefront of the scientific changes that are constantly taking place in cancer care.

Staff Overview
The Loma Linda Cancer Center is based on multidisciplinary team approach, including input from the patient, surgical oncologist, medical oncologist, radiation oncologist, diagnostic radiologist, pathologist, RN Navigators, oncology nurses, a registered dietician, a social worker and an oncology chaplain who provides counseling, psychosocial and spiritual support.

LLUCC's strong commitment to research in lung and other thoracic cancers assures you of access to the latest advances in prevention, detection and treatment.

  • Utilization of new diagnostic procedures, such as mediastinoscopic biopsy, which accurately obtains a sample of abnormal tissue detected on PET/CT.
  • Clinical studies using chemotherapy and other cancer treatment medication, radiation therapy or a combination of all of these methods to treat cancer.
  • Access to clinical research through the use of National Cancer Institute and LLUCC clinical research trials.
  • Access to National Cancer Institute-sponsored clinical research trials and cooperative groups that perform cancer research in prevention, detection and treatment. Some of these groups include:
    • National Surgical Adjuvant Breast & Bowel Project (NSABP)
    • Southwest Oncology Group (SWOG)
    • Radiation Therapy Oncology Group (RTOG)
  • Ongoing basic science/molecular biology research studies designed to investigate:
    • The detection of cancer using tumor markers
    • The growth and development of lung cancer
    • Cellular events involved in the formation of cancer

    Becoming a Patient
    Our mission is to work with patients and support advocacy groups, health-care professionals and cancer organizations to improve lung cancer outcomes. To become a patient, request an appointment today.

    Treatment Options
    Our commitment to research assures patients access to the latest advances in the prevention, detection and treatment of lung cancer. Our facility offers the latest cancer treatments.

    • Minimally invasive cancer staging and resection
    • Complex Cancer Resection
      • Extrapleural pneumonectomy
      • Paranchymal-sparing sleeve lung resection
      • Complex mediastial tumor resection
      • Complex surgical metastasectomy
    • Advanced percutaneous (non-surgical) procedures
      • Percutaneous ablation of lung tumors
    • Advanced bronchoscopic (non-surgical) procedures
      • Bronchoscopic ultrasound
      • Transbronchial biopsy
      • Bronchoscopic stenting
      • Bronchoscopic ablation
    • Proton radiation therapy
    • Combined modality chemo-radiation
    • Systematic therapy with targeted biological agents
    • Symptom management clinic
    • Dedicated dietician support
    • Dedicated social work support
    • Thoracic cancer clinical trials
    • Dedicated thoracic cancer tumor board
    • Biospecimen lab tumor procurement
    • Nurse navigator program
    • Dedicated oncology pharmacist

    During Treatment
    Multi-disciplinary treatment at the Lung Cancer Center utilizes whole person care services uniquely offered by the Loma Linda University Cancer Center:

    • Psychosocial Services
    • Nutrition Services
    • Pharmaceutical Services
    • Research Program
    • Pain and Palliative Care
    • Tumor Site Programs

    After Treatment
    At Loma Linda University Cancer Center, we understand that patients often need assistance readjusting to their lives after cancer treatment ends. The Lung Cancer Center works to provide medical, psychological and spiritual assistance to our patients.

    Learn More
    To request more information or an appointment at the Lung Cancer Center, complete our online request form, and we’ll contact you directly by phone to address your request.

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