Prostate Cancer Treatment

At Loma Linda University Cancer Center we are the only center in the West to offer both proton radiation therapy and robotic surgery as treatment options for prostate cancer.

Proton treatment therapy is a non invasive therapy that targets the exact area of the tumor. This therapy usually has little, to no, side effects and spares healthy tissue from radiation, unlike traditional radiation. As the nation's first hospital-based proton treatment center, our experience in treating prostate cancer is unsurpassed by any facility in the world.

Robotic assisted surgery for prostate cancer, is one of the latest treatment options for patients needing a prostatectomy. Some of the benefits of robotic assisted surgery include less blood loss, smaller incision size and a quicker recovery time. Our surgeons have performed hundreds of these procedures and were the first ones in the Inland Empire to use this technology.

Active surveillance has increasingly emerged as a viable option for men, who, for one reason or another have decided not to undergo immediate curative treatment.

Cryotherapy is freezing the prostate to kill the cancer by insertion of free probes into the prostate gland through the perineum


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In situations of advanced prostate cancer, where the cancer is no longer contained within the prostate, it is ideal to employ some form of treatment that will go though out the body.

Some additional things to know about prostate cancer treatment:

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