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Thoracic Cancer Center

LLUCC is committed to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of thoracic cancer. Just recently we opened a dedicated thoracic oncology clinic, which treats proven or suspected lung esophageal, mesothelioma and other thoracic malignancies. Our  approach to lung cancer treatment and research is comprehensive, interdisciplinary and patient focused. This means that the health-care professionals function as a cohesive team, working to develop the best treatment options for our patients. Our health-care delivery team strives to stay on the forefront of the scientific changes that are constantly taking place in cancer care.

About Thoracic Cancer

Treatment Options

At LLUCC we believe in individualized treatment plans based on each patients needs. Our physicians will work with you to create a personal and specific treatment plan. Based on your type of cancer you may need all or a combination of the treatment options we offer. Explore treatment options based on specific types of thoracic cancer.

Support and Resources

At Loma Linda University Cancer Center, we understand that patients often need assistance readjusting to their lives after cancer treatment ends. The Lung Cancer Center works to provide medical, psychological and spiritual assistance to our patients. Learn more about our cancer resource center.

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Our thoracic oncology team is dedicated to providing comprehensive cancer care for our patients.

Meet Our Thoracic Cancer Team
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