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Mended Hearts mission and objectives

The Mended Hearts is:

  • An extended support group for heart patients
  • Here to help reinforce what the health care providers have prescribed
  • A group of people who have experienced first hand, similar heart problems
  • Grateful for the miracle that has allowed their hearts to be mended
  • Aware if the kind of help that is necessary to sustain heart patients at a time of concern and doubt
  • Keenly interested in the advances of medical knowledge


The objectives of Mended Hearts are to offer help, support, and encouragement to heart disease patients and their families. These are achieved by:

  • Providing emotional support through physician approve visit to patients and their families.
  • Distributing educational information to members, heart disease patients, their families and caregivers.
  • Establishing and maintaining a program that assist health/ medical professionals and healthcare organizations involved in work related to heart disease
  • Cooperating with other organizations in education and research activities related to heart disease
  • Establishing and assisting heart disease rehabilitation programs for members and their families or caregivers
  • Planning and conducting programs that meet the social and educational interest of members, heart disease patients and their families/caregivers.