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A very active kidney / kidney-pancreas program exists at Loma Linda University Medical Center, averaging approximately 100 transplants annually thus allowing fellows to have excellent exposure to transplantation.  Fellows also have excellent exposure to pre-transplant, post-transplant and potential donor evaluation.  Each fellow spends three months in transplant clinics during the first year (immediately coming off a two month acute transplant service) and an additional month during the second year of fellowship.  The fellow also has the opportunity of performing transplant ultrasound guided biopsies.


A fellow has the opportunity of being well trained in hemodialysis & peritoneal dialysis (including exposure to patients on home hemodialysis).  LLUMC has approximately 150 patients on chronic outpatient hemodialysis and approximately 35 outpatient adult patients on peritoneal dialysis.  LLVA Medical Center has approximately 120 patients on chronic outpatient hemodialysis with another approximately 100 patients on chronic hemodialysis at outside facilities (not uncommonly referred back to LLVA Medical Center for unstable conditions).  LLVA Medical Center currently has 15 adult patients on peritoneal dialysis and is increasing in numbers.


LLUMC has a well staffed histocompatability lab for tissue typing, cross matching, determining preformed antibodies, etc. allowing the fellows to be exposed to these aspects of transplantation and if desired, a fellow may take an elective in the laboratory.