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Neurology Research Team



Physicians Title/Specialty
Travis Losey, MD Director of Neurology Research; Director of Neurodiagnostic Laboratory
Khashayar Dashtipour, MD, PhD Director of Movement Disorders
Elia Haddad, MD Director of Stroke
Laura D.H. Nist, MD Neuromuscular Disease and Electrodiagnostics; Residency and CNP Fellowshi Director
Daniel Giang, MD Multiple Sclerosis
Michael Olek, MD Director of Multiple Sclerosis
Ali Makki, DMD Headache Medicine and Oral and Facial Disorders
Gordon W. Peterson, MD Neuromuscular Disease and Electrodiagnostics
Bryan E. Tsao, MD Neuromuscular Disease and Electrodiagnostics
Vincent Truong, MD Co-Director of Stroke
Sandra E. D. Estrada, MN, RN, FNP-C Neurology Nurse Practitioner



Clinical Staff

Kathy Asher, Neurology Clinic Director
909-558-2516 (fax)
Julie Lacanlale, Research Assistant
Rajesh. Krishnamurthy, Research Assistant

Sheba Baroya, Research Assistant for Regulatory Affairs