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While a majority of functional abilities may be restored soon after a person suffers from a stroke, recovery can often be an ongoing process for many. Beginning rehabilitation soon after suffering from a stroke is extremely important as it can substantially help patients achieve the best possible long-term outcome. 

Specialized Stroke Rehabilitation Programs:

Our stroke rehabilitation program received additional accreditation by the CARF organization as a stroke specialty program for our focus on prevention, on minimizing impairment, on reducing activity limitation, and on maximizing the participation and quality of life for patients who receive care for a stroke at LLUMC.

We provide the following rehabilitation programs to help patients who are recovering from a stroke: 

Inpatient Rehabilitation

Days after a stroke, patients may be transferred to LLUMC East Campus for continued care. Many patients need rehabilitation after a stroke. The sooner patients start rehabilitation, the better recovery and regained function they typically experience. This is available in an acute inpatient rehabilitation unit within the hospital at the East Campus, as well as in the outpatient treatment center.

Outpatient Rehabilitation

Upon release from hospital care, patients will follow up with their physiatrist. Coordination of care is a high priority to ensure that patients can maximize their prevention of strokes.  Patients and their caregivers are also offered opportunities to join a stroke support group.


Home-based Rehabilitation

Many patients also receive home-based rehabilitation to help them re-enter family life, learn how to accommodate their homes for any disability and regain strength and movement.

For more information on Rehabilitation Services available, please call 909-558-6144.