Application Information

Applicants applying for PGY-2 positions need to do so through ERAS to the program listed as Loma Linda University Program A.   Please note that this is an advanced program that requires 12 months of prior residency experience. 

1. To start the application process applicants need to register with ERAS. 

2. When all of the applicant's documentation have been submitted and processed through ERAS and reviewed by the residency, four personal interviews will be arranged on the following dates:  November 20, 2013 or December 4, 2013. 

3. Applicants will be informed by the Program Director of the Residency Advisory Committee’s decision of their application on or after December 15, 2013.

4. Please note that the LLU School of Public Health will require a separeate application for the MPH degree program but this will be done after applicants have been accepted into the residency.