Dr. Mudge receives the 2008 Teacher of the Year Award

Loma Linda University Medical Center Faculty

Nirav Amin, MD, Sports
Hrayr Basmajian, MD, Trauma
Gary Botimer, MD, Joint Reconstruction
William Bunnell, MD, Pediatrics and Foot/Ankle
Thomas Burgdorff, MD, Joints
Olumide Danisa, MD, Spine
Eric C. Gokcen, MD, Foot/Ankle
Christopher Jobe, MD, Sports
Kevin Lawson, MD, Spine
Martin J. Morrison, MD, Pediatrics
Scott C. Nelson, MD, Pediatrics
Wesley Phipatanakul, MD, Shoulder Reconstruction
Peter Pyrko, MD, Joints Reconstruction
Barth Riedel, MD, Hand
Lorra Sharp, MD, Trauma
Hasan M. Syed, MD, Sports
Barry Watkins, MD, Hand and Upper Extremity
Montri Wongworawat, MD, Hand and Upper Extremity
Virchel Wood, MD, Hand and Upper Extremity
Lee Zuckerman, MD, Tumor


John Chrisler
Serkan Inceoglu, Ph.D

Arrowhead Regional Medical Center Faculty

Jon Allen, MD
Paul Burton, DO
Peter Elsissy, MD
Ronny Ghazal, MD
Barry Grames, MD
Zachary Hadley, MD
Gail Hopkins, MD
Sang Le, MD
James Matiko, MD
Clifford Merkel, MD
M. Kenneth Mudge, MD
John Skubic, MD
John Steinmann, DO
Andrew Wong, MD

Veterans Administration Hospital Faculty

Thomas Donaldson, MD
Gary Frykman, MD
Stephan Gregorius, MD
Theodore Gregorius, MD
Matilal Patel, MD
Philip Reiswig, MD
Roy Rusch, MD
James Shook, MD
Mark Stern, MD
Carleton Wallace, MD