Q: Does an applicant have to apply and match to a pediatric residency separate from the neurology application?
A: No, applicants now apply for an integrated pediatric and neurology training program and are accepted for the PGY 1 year.

Q: How are applications received?
A: All applications must be submitted via ERAS. For the upcoming 2012 matching year, applications are completed on ERAS but submitted to the Association of University Professors of Neurology

Q: Is a PGY1 position available in the neurology residency?
A: Yes, we are excited to have a full integrated program (PGY 1-5) of pediatrics and neurology training starting in 2012.

Q: Does your program accept applicants from osteopathic medical schools?
A: Yes

Q: Does your program accept applications from international medical school graduates?
A: Yes, with ECFMG certification and California Medical Board Postgraduate Training Authorization Letter or a letter from the California Medical Board stating you will be issued a PTAL once the applicant has a social security number. These documents must be completed and available before the application will be considered.

Q: What are the minimum requirements for an applicant to be offered an interview?
A: A complete application that demonstrates a commitment to child neurology, professionalism, appropriate communication skills, interest in the mission of LLUMC, and at least 3 letters of recommendation from supervisors familiar with the applicant's skills with at least one from a neurologist

Q: How is the interview process planned?
A: Interviews are offered via email, interviews may be scheduled on any of the four interview dates with availability, after all interview slots are full, applicants will be placed on a waiting list for a preferred date.

Q: What is the interview day schedule?
A: The night prior to the interview day a welcome dinner with current neurology residents is held at a local restaurant. On the interview day the program director meets the applicants for an informational session and applicants attend morning report, then interview with faculty, attend rounds, and tour the hospital as scheduled, and have lunch with neurology faculty and current residents.

Q: What is the application deadline?
A: January 1