S.O.F.T. terminology was developed by PSN staff to give perinatal services providers an easy way to remember the general principles of bonding and attachment. It provides a step-by-step recommendation for a newborn within the first two hours of life.

Skin to skin: Infant is naked on mother's naked chest and there is no bedding or clothing between them for a minimum of 15 minutes during the first two hours of life.

Mother and child


Open eye to eye: Both mother and infant have eyes open and are making eye contact with each other at a distance no greater than 12 inches. Mother is watching the baby and baby is watching the mother.



Fingertip touch: Mother explores infant with her fingertips. This occurs spontaneously and without interruption.

Mom and baby


Time together: Mother is given time to hold her unwrapped infant in an unhurried and uninterrupted environment for an unlimited period of time (at least 15 minutes during the first two hours of life). During this time, no painful procedures are being done to the mother or baby. The mother and baby are left alone together in the room if possible with no one else in the room except the father and one perinatal care staff observing.