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Application Information

Those applying for PGY-1 positions need to do so through the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP) and ERAS.   Those applying for PGY-2 positions need to do so only through ERAS.

1. To start the application process applicants need to register with ERAS.  [PGY-1 applicants, please note you need to apply through the LLU Internal Medicine Residency Program ID: loma1lim;  Program Track:  Prelim/Prevent Med (Preliminary)]

2. When all your documentation have been submitted and processed through ERAS and reviewed by the residency, three personal interviews will be arranged for applicants on a mutually convenient day between October 21, 2013 - January 13, 2014.

3. PGY-1 applicants who match with our residency program will receive acceptance letters from the Graduate Medical Education Office (GMEO) as well as the residency office during Match week.

4. PGY-2 applicants will receive offers from the Program Director of the Residency Advisory Committee’s decision regarding their application.

5. Please note that the LLU School of Public Health will require a separeate application for the MPH degree program but this will be done after applicants have been accepted into the residency.