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PGY-3 Senior Research Project

In the PGY-3 year, four hours per week of the resident's schedule time may be devoted to a senior research project.

Areas of Suitable Direction for Senior Research Projects in Accordance with the ACPM's Core Competencies and Performance Indicators for Preventive Medicine Residents include:

1.  An epidemiologic or biostatistical analysis of an existing data set.

2.  Clinical trials in areas that pertain to preventive medicine.

3.  Application of preventive medicine principles in a clinical setting, such as implementing a new educational intervention or redesigning a research database collection at any of the residency training sites, (e.g. establishing pharmacologic intervention in a preventive medicine clinic, designing protocol for appropriate chart documentation, obtaining departmental and/or research institutional approval, managing the initiation of the educational program or clinic and designing the assessment and evaluation tools.)

4.  A complete review of the existing literature on the topic of prevention which has not previously been undertaken, which would lead to lecture material and preparation of a review article suitable for publication.  International health field experience using the disciplines of research design, application of accurate demographic and assessment tools appropriate for the culture and setting.  International field experiences should provide previously unavailable services in a manner that will continue after the project has been completed, or provide information to other researchers or agencies that can then provide the appropriate funding for continuation.