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Meet Our Faculty And Staff

William Murdoch, MD

William Murdoch, MD

Chair of the Department of Psychiatry

Dr. Murdoch is the Medical Director of the Loma Linda Behavioral Medicine Center, Head of the BMC Children's Unit,and heads the outpatient child/adolescent clinic.




Timothy Lee, MDTimothy Lee, MD

Program Director, Consultation Psychiatry Services at Loma Linda University Medical Center

Dr. Lee was born and raised in Fountain Valley, California. He completed a seven-year BA/MD program at Boston University and then matched into the residency program here at Loma Linda. After finishing his residency in 2010, he stepped into his current positions as Residency Training Director and Medical Director of the consultation and liaison service at Loma Linda University Medical Center. He also supervises medication management and psychotherapy clinics at the Loma Linda Behavioral Health Institute and has helped run the electroconvulsive therapy program. His interests include integration of spiritual care into psychiatric practice and resident and medical student education.


Melissa Pereau, MD

Melissa Pereau, MD

Associate Training Director, at Loma Linda BMC and BHI, Instructor in Advanced Psychopharmacology

Dr. Melissa Pereau is a Board Certified Psychiatrist who specializes in the treatment of Eating Disorders and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in Women. Serving as the Psychiatry Clerkship Director for the Loma Linda School of Medicine and the Associate Residency Program Director for the Department of Psychiatry, Dr. Pereau is dedicated to research and education at Loma Linda. Her didactic training courses focus on psychopharmacology, neurobiology and psychopathology. She received her MD from Loma Linda University School of Medicine and has fellowship training in Electroconvulsive Therapy.



Venkatesh Bhat, MD
Associate Professor
Loma Linda VA
Stephanie Bolton, MD
Assistant Professor,
Director of Inpatient
Geriatric Psychiatric
Services at Loma
Linda Behavioral
Medicine Center
William Britt, PhD
Associate Professor and Supervisor specialized
in Cognitive-Behavioral
Claudia Carmona, MD
Adult Outpatient Attending
Peggy Chatham, MD
Inpatient Geriatric Unit
George Christison, MD
Professor, Staff at
Patton State Hospital
Antonia Ciovica, PhD
Associate Director, Psychology Intern Program,
Irene Ciovica, MD
Instructor, Attending on
inpatient adolescent services
at Loma Linda Behavioral
Medicine Center
Carlos Fayard, PhD
Associate Professor,
Psychotherapy Supervisor
Teresa Frausto, MD
Assistant Professor,
Attending, Outpatient
Child/Adolescent Clinic

Medical Director of County of
San Bernardino Dept. of
Behavioral Health
Leia Gill
Assistant Professor,
Attending on Inpatient Psychiatry
at Loma Linda Veteran's
Medical Center
George Harding, IV, MD
Mark Haviland, PhD
Professor, Clinical Research
Andy Hayton, MD
Associate Professor,
Director of Inpatient Psychiatry
at Loma Linda Veteran’s
Medical Center,
Director of ECT at
Loma Linda VAMC
Cameron Johnson, MD
Assistant Professor,
Attending on Adult Inpatient
and Partial Hospital at
Loma Linda Behavioral
Medicine Center
William Kim, MD
Assistant Professor,
Attending in outpatient psychiatry
at Loma Linda Veteran’s
Medical Center
Valerie Leong, MD
Assistant Professor,
Attending in psychiatry
intake at Loma Linda
Veteran's Medical Center
Job Lin, MD
William McGhee, MD
Director of SAC Norton
Psychiatry Services
Don Mellor,
Instructor,Group Therapy
Anthanasios Mihas, MD
Attending at BHOST Clinic, VAH
Lisa Phillips, MD
Post-Deployment Clinic, VAH
David Puder, MD
Adult Outpatient
Frank Randall, MD
Attending, Child Unit, BMC
Patti Roth, PhD
Assistant Clinical Professor
William Roth, PsyD
Associate Professor
John Tarr, MD
Clinical Professor,
Instructor in Psychodynamic
Ray Verde, MD
Associate Professor,
Director of Residency Education
at Loma Linda Veteran's
Medical Center
Ricardo Whyte, MD
Director of Chemical Dependency
Services at Loma Linda Behavioral
Priscilla Verales
Residency Program Coordinator,
loved by all residents!