LLUMC - psychiatry residency program

Frequently Asked Questions

When are interviews typically offered?

Interviews will be offered to competitive candidates only after completion of the ERAS application. Interviews are scheduled for six Mondays from November to December

Are psychiatry sub-internships available through LLUMC?

Yes, sub-internships are available for interested fourth-year medical students. Dr. Ronald Warnell is responsible for coordinating medical student training during rotations through the LLUMC Psychiatry Department. Laura Juhl, his assistant, can help in the coordination of sub-internship rotations. Ms. Juhl can be reached by email at ljuhl@ahs.llu.edu.

At what level do applicants with previous postgraduate training enter the program?

Applicants who have completed postgraduate training in another specialty are eligible for entry at either the PGY-1 or PGY-2 level, depending on the nature of their past training.

Does LLUMC sponsor visas for foreign medical graduates?

No. LLUMC does not sponsor visas for foreign medical graduates.

How many letters of recommendation are required prior to consideration for an interview?

Applicants should submit a minimum of three letters of recommendation through the ERAS system. At least one letter of recommendation should be from a psychiatry physician.

Where are LLUMC psychiatry residency graduates now practicing?

Many of our graduates currently practice in private, forensic, academic, and community settings. More than a quarter have entered further academic fellowship training.

Is there any other information I should know about LLUMC before deciding to apply?

If matched at LLUMC, applicants will be subject to a criminal background check and uring drug testing prior to becoming eligible for clinical duties.

What is your application deadline?


Do you require USCE and if so does it have to be inpatient experience or do you accept hands on patient care in an outpatient setting, and for how long?


Do you have a cut-off score for Step1, 2CK and how many attempts do you allow (individual or combined attempts?)


Is there a Cut-Off date for Time since graduating from medical school?


Do you require Step3 prior to residency or if not, when does step3 need to be completed in your program?

Step 3 does not need to be completed prior to entering our residency. Our interns are encouraged to take Step 3 by December of 1st year, as they will be reimbursed by the University for the cost of the exam if they pass. It is expected that our interns take step 3 for the first time at latest by the end of 1st year. Step 3 must be passed before entering the 4th year, otherwise the resident is not allowed to continue into 4th year per California state law.

How many positions do you offer for each match?


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