Class of 2016

Michael Clark, M.D.

Growing up in a medical family I always knew that I would likely be in medicine. I chose Psychiatry because of the close relationship that is maintained between physician and patient. I am also interested in furthering the knowledge and treatment options available, having also received a Masters in research and am planning on being involved in clinical research trials




Yosra El-Menshawi, D.O.

My path to psychiatry and medicine was not that of a traditional pre-med student. I come from a large family who until recently, had not lived in a single city for more than 6 years. Frequent travels and "new beginings" led me to seek a career in education by which I planned to help children recognize and utilize their dynamic ability to deal with and inspire change. After years of working with children in diverse settings, including a Behavioral Center, Sunday school, High school coaching, and formal teaching at a public high school, I decided to go back to medical school to become a psychiatrist and work with others in a biopsychosocial framework.  Loma Linda's psychiatry program was appealing to me as it emphasized whole person care, including the importance of spirituality. In addition, the program's indepth exposure to child and adolescent treatment through inpatient, outpatient, partial hospitailzation, and specialty treatment/therapy programs helped cement my choice. Finally, California's beautiful weather reinforced that Loma Linda would be the place for me!

  Morgan Liddell, M.D.








John Lii, M.D.

Often confused for assistant program director Dr. Lee, JD lives in the shadow of prominent Asian male figures in the program, including Drs. Louie and Wu. JD works hard in the background and has been recognized for his efforts and contributions to the program as runner up for Resident of the Year Award. He is jovial and easy-going towards students, dedicated to educating both medical students and off-service residents on the ins-and-outs of psychiatry.




Piotr “Peter” Pelc, D.O.

I chose Loma Linda because this was my favorite interview day of all the places that I had a chance to visit. In my spare time I enjoy eating good food, wine tasting, and playing tennis. I grew up in Canada, but have grown fond of California and plan to stay here to practice after residency. What I'll be doing I'm not sure yet, perhaps some combination of child and adolescent, C&L or general adult psychiatry.




  Katia Stoletniy, M.D.







Cory Suard, M.D.

Well hello there! My name is Cory Suard M.D., but some call me "Dr. Swag" (actually just one person called me that once). I chose to come to Loma Linda because the training is intense and broad, the residents are a super fun and devastatingly attractive group, and because I hate traffic. The skills and expertise that I'm gaining as a psychiatrist will eventually be used in my future career as a talk show host. My other life-long goals include racing a sled dog team in the Iditarod and owning a miniature pig.




Martin Wu, M.D.

Often confused with coresident Dr. Lii, Martin Wu is overshadowed by the more prominent Asian male figures in the residency, including Dr. Lee and Dr. Louie. Martin is a graduate of Loma Linda and enjoys the narrow range of culinary options in and near the Inland Empire so much that he decided to stay for 4 more years of residency.