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Residency Rotations

Here is our current distribution of rotations.  We continually evaluate and modify our experience when possible in order to enhance our educational experience.  Residents are directly involved in the development and distribution of our rotations and have the opportunity to work closely with the administration on how to best structure our resident time.

Residency Rotation Image

Rotation Sites

Loma Linda VA Hospital (LLVAH)

Loma Linda Behavioral Medicine Center (BMC)

Loma Linda University Medical Center (LLUMC)

Behavioral Health Institute (BHI

SAC Norton local community access clinic (SAC)

San Bernardino County Mental Health


3-4 months Inpatient Adult Psychiatry, LLVAH

1 month Inpatient Adult Psychiatry, BMC

1-2 months Consultation and Liaison, LLUMC

2 months Inpatient Neurology, LLVAH

1 month Inpatient Medicine, LLVAH

1 month Outpatient Medicine, LLVAH

1 month Emergency Medicine, LLUMC

1 month Outpatient Medicine, SAC


4 months Inpatient Adule Psychiatry, LLVAH and BMC

4-6 weeks Emergency Psychiatry (Night Float)

1-2 months Adolescent Psychiatry, BMC

2-3 months Consult and Liaison, LLUMC and LLVAH

1-2 months Psychiatric Intake Assessment Clinic, LLVAH

Second year residents participate in the following half-day clinic year-round:

  • Child/Adolescent Clinic, BHI


1-2 months Inpatient Child Psychiatry, BMC

1-2 months Inpatient Adolescent Psychiatry, BMC

3-4 months Geriatric Psychiatry, BMC and LLVAH

3 months Addiction Psychiatry, BMC and LLVAH

1-2 months Psychiatric Intake Assessment Clinic, LLVAH

Third year residents participate in the following half-day clinics year-round:

  • Psychotherapy Clinic, BHI
  • General Psychiatry Residency Clinic (low income/non-insured), BHI or SAC


1 month Junior Attending experience on a resident service of the senior’s choice

1 month of Electroconvulsive Therapy training/experience

2-3 months Partial Hospitalization Program, BMC or BHI

1-2 months Primary Care Psychiatry, LLVAH

1-2 months Post Deployment Clinic, LLVAH

4 months Elective rotation time

1 month San Bernardino County Behavioral Health Clinic

Fourth year residents participate in the following half day clinics year-round:

  • General Psychiatry Resident Clinic, LLVAH
  • General Psychiatry Resident Clinic (low income/non-insured), BHI
  • Psychotherapy Clinic, BHI
  • Community Psychiatry (low income/non-insured), SAC

Senior residents may also apply to take part in an optional Advanced Certificate Program in either Advanced Psychotherapy or Religion and Psychiatry, which require 2-3 months of dedicated elective time.