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Prosthetic and Amputee Rehab Clinic

A dysfunctional limb can have both physical and emotional impact on an individual. Deformed limbs can affect self confidence and impact day-to-day functions. That’s why orthotics and prosthetics are so important. These external medical devices are used to serve two different purposes. Orthotic devices such as braces and splints help stabilize, immobilize, prevent deformity, protect against injury or assist with the function of a body part. Prosthetics, on the other hand, are artificial limbs that replace missing and amputated body parts.

Loma Linda University Medical Center’s (LLUMC) orthotics and prosthetics team is comprised of American Board Certified and credentialed staff committed to each patient’s unique rehabilitation needs. This approach is reflected in the treatment plans that our specialists tailor to each patient as well as the custom prosthetic and orthotic designs that our team creates. 

The team at LLUMC is capable of fabricating a full spectrum of devices such as braces, prosthetic limbs, orthotic devices and FDA-approved cranial remolding helmets to help patients feel and look their best. Our fabrication lab is also located on-site to ensure that high quality products are engineered to meet each patient’s specific needs.


Loma Linda University Medical Center offers cutting-edge orthotic and prosthetic services.

Orthotic Services
•    Cranial remolding helmets for the treatment of plagiocephaly, brachycephally, and scaphocephally
•    Foot orthoses
•    Full-spectrum orthoses for club foot deformity, spina bifida, cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury, stroke, fractures, spinal cord injury and others
•    Knee orthoses
•    Scoliosis treatment

Prosthetic Services
•    Amputation clinic
•    "Energy Storing" feet (e.g., Flex-foot, Springlite, and Freedom)
•    Gait training and strengthening
•    Microprocessor controlled knees (e.g., Rheo knee, C-Leg, Adaptive knee)
•    Post-mastectomy/lumpectomy
•    Upper extremity prosthetics (e.g., Conventional, Myoelectric, Hybrid and Cosmetic)

Our highly specialized orthotics and prosthetics doctors undergo rigorous clinical training prior to accreditation. To learn more about LLU’s curriculum, visit the Orthotics & Prosthetics Program.

Loma Linda’s Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation offers evaluation procedures to accurately identify the treatment that bests suits your specific needs. Our procedures include:
  • Physical Medicine
    • Amputee Clinic
      • Fabrication and adjustments to devices
      • Patient management via team assessments
      • Pain management
      • Physician evaluations
      • Prothetists evaluations
      • Rehabilitation therapy care plans
    • Center for Pain Management
      • Exercise
      • Individualized patient pain level analysis
      • Injection techniques when indicated
      • Pharmacological intervention
      • Physical therapy
      • Progress monitoring
      • Psychological support
      • Research to improve patient care
      • Therapeutic plan for pain management
      • Treatment and management of pain
    • Neuropsychology
      • Behavioral medicine assessments
      • Biofeedback training
      • Cognitive retraining
      • Coping skills training
      • Educational testing
      • Educational rehabilitation
      • Medical/legal assessments
      • Neuropsychological assessments
      • Pre-surgical evaluations
      • Psychological restructuring
      • Workers’ compensation evaluations
    • Spasticity Treatment
      • Assessments
      • Individualized treatment
      • Management of patients with implanted medication pumps
      • Medication or injections into spastic muscles
      • Therapies to improve function and decrease pain
  • Rehabilitation
    • Inpatient Acute Rehabilitation Services
      • Adolescent rehabilitation, ages 14–21
      • General rehabilitation
      • Stroke
      • Spinal cord injury
      • Traumatic brain injury
    • Outpatient Rehabilitation Services and Programs
      • Amputation clinic
      • Brain injury rehabilitation
      • Cognitive therapy
      • Dialect program
      • Dysphagia and feeding disorder program
      • Hand therapy
      • Laryngectomy rehabilitation
      • Lymphedema therapy
      • Occupational therapy
      • Orthopedic rehabilitation
      • Orthotics and Prosthetics
      • Pediatric rehabilitation
      • Physical therapy
      • Pilates-based conditioning
      • Post-mastectomy care
      • Pre-vocational and work re-entry program
      • Sensorimotor and language program
      • Speech and language pathology
      • Spinal cord injury rehabilitation
      • Sports rehabilitation
      • Stroke rehabilitation
      • Swallow studies
      • Vestibular therapy
      • Voice program

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation – South Entrance
Loma Linda University Medical Center East Campus
Ambulatory Services Building
11406 Loma Linda Drive, Suite 300
Loma Linda, CA 92354
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Inpatient Rehabilitation
Loma Linda University Medical Center East Campus – Unit 1100 and Unit 1500
25333 Barton Road
Loma Linda, CA 92354
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Outpatient Rehabilitation – West Entrance
Ambulatory Services Building
11406 Loma Linda Drive
Loma Linda, CA 92354
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Orthotics and Prosthetics – North Entrance
Ambulatory Services Building
11406 Loma Linda Drive
Loma Linda, CA 92354
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The Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation physicians specialize in rehabilitation, therapy, research and clinical consultations. Our physicians are highly trained in their areas of specialty and hold national board certifications. They work closely with the rehabilitation care team to ensure the best possible outcomes for each patient.
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Featured Physicians

•    Travis G. Fogel, PhD
•    Michael Gilewski, PhD

Pain Management
•    Baher Boctor, MD
•    Scott R. Strum, MD

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation – Adult
•    Murray E. Brandstater, MD
•    Nicole Irwin, MD
•    Mary Kim, MD
•    Cid Nazir, MD
•    Scott R. Strum, MD

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation – Pediatrics
•    Nicole Irwin, MD

Spine Center
•    Farbod Asgarzadie, MD
•    Wayne K. Cheng, MD
•    Scott R. Strum, MD

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