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At Loma Linda University Medical Center (LLUMC) Transplantation Institute, our world-class transplant teams specialize in heart, liver and kidney surgical procedures and treatment for adult and pediatric patients. We also offer pediatric stem cell and marrow transplants. Pancreas transplants are performed on adult patients. Our expanded services include innovative care and treatments for hepatology / liver disease as well as complex liver and digestive tract surgery, or hepatobiliary surgery.

With an established reputation for our comprehensive transplantation program, LLUMC utilizes a multidisciplinary approach to patient care that draws from the expertise and talent of one of the nation’s most innovative academic medical centers. Our professional and knowledgeable staff guides patients through the transplant process with care and compassion, providing accessible and personalized care focusing on the overall well-being of each individual patient.

For Referring Physicians

LLUMC maintains an important line of communication between you and our transplant team throughout your patient’s transplantation process. Our experienced staff will routinely keep you notified of all planning, decisions and developments. Once the patient’s transplant surgery occurs, we’ll send a complete copy of their records to ensure the continuity of their care throughout post-surgery and recovery.

The Transplantation Institute

  • Confirms the patient’s diagnosis
  • Review the patient’s medical records for prior therapies and disease status
  • Evaluates whether the patient is a candidate for transplant
  • Discuss the role and risks of transplant surgery
  • Discuss financial resources and insurance information with patients

To refer your patient to an LLUMC physician or for assistance, please call 1-800-548-3790 to request a referral and access our team of experts.

For New Patients

LLUMC strives to maintain the highest standards of medical and patient care to serve your needs. We want to ensure your first visit to LLUMC is as smooth as possible. Prior to your visit, we recommend that new patients review, download and print the documents below, then bring the necessary forms with you to your scheduled appointment:



How long will I have to wait for an organ?

Waiting times for each organ varies depending on many factors. As more patients are added to the waiting list, the waiting time increases every year. And with a shortage of deceased donors, there’s an opportunity to decrease waiting time for kidney transplant through the living donor option.

Where do organs come from?

Kidneys come from three possible sources including a living-related donor, a living-unrelated donor or a deceased donor. Organs such as the liver, pancreas and heart come from deceased donors only. Bone Marrow comes from yourself, living related donors and anonymous living donors. Your BMT doctors will decide which donor you need, but it will depend on matching and your disease.

Is it dangerous for a family member to donate a kidney?

There’s always surgical risk involved. The donor undergoes an extensive medical evaluation to make sure they are healthy and that their risks are very low.

How do I pay for a transplant?

Most insurance companies, Medicare and Medicaid programs will pay for your transplant surgery.

Is the transplant a cure?

No, a transplant is a treatment option. Following the surgery and transplant recovery, most people feel better. In fact, transplant recipients experience a definite improvement in their quality of life.

Do I have to take medication forever?

Yes. As long as the kidney, pancreas, heart or liver is functioning, transplant recipients will require medications that enable the body to accept the organ.

If I have a kidney/pancreas transplant, will my complications from diabetes (i.e. blindness, poor food digestion) improve?

Although the transplantation surgery will prevent further complications and damage, it will not completely reverse damages that occurred prior to surgery. However, some transplant recipients will experience slight improvements.

Spanish Support

Committed to providing our patients the highest quality of care, LLUMC provides Spanish interpreters for our non-English or limited-English proficient patients and family members.

Download our Spanish brochures below for more information about our transplantation programs at LLUMC:


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