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Activation on the Transplant Waiting List

When the committee decides that you are a candidate for a new kidney and/or pancreas. You will be placed (activated) on the national waiting list, UNOS (The United Network for Organ Sharing). This is a national agency that was formed to help distribute organs equally to patients who are waiting for transplant. They work 24 hours a day to help match patients to available organs. All patients accepted for transplant have their names on this list. When a kidney becomes available, the UNOS computer prints out a list of patients throughout the United States who are eligible. The names on the list are determined by blood type, tissue type, and length of time on the waiting list.

If you have a living donor, their evaluation may start now. You will need to notify your living donor to call the living donor transplant team to start the evaluation process.

While Waiting

The average waiting time on the transplant list varies but can be four years or longer. It is important for us to be able to contact you. Call us anytime during this waiting period and keep us updated on your personal and medical information. Please notify the transplant team of any of the following:

  • Change in your telephone number or address
  • Going on vacation or out of town
  • Change in dialysis units
  • Hospitalizations
  • Change in medical insurance
  • Change in health status