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Established in 1967, the Kidney Transplant Program at the Loma Linda University Medical Center (LLUMC) Transplantation Institute has a long history of kidney transplantation innovation for adults and pediatric recipients as small as 13 pounds. Having performed over 2,000 kidney transplants and more than 200 kidney-pancreas transplants, LLUMC’s Kidney Transplant Program is recognized worldwide for its extensive experience and leadership in advanced surgical techniques and innovative follow-up care. To-date, our kidney transplant patients now enjoy a success rate which is higher than the national average.

Program Overview

Located high in the abdomen on either side of the spine, the kidneys make urine to assist with waste product elimination, blood pressure control and regulating the body’s chemical and fluid balance to produce red blood cells. When a damaged kidney can no longer perform these tasks, a transplant is necessary to restore these key bodily functions. Dialysis can maintain life by performing some of these important functions, but a kidney transplant can fully restore these functions and increase longevity and quality of life

At LLUMC&CH, we provide comprehensive evaluations and transplant-related services including living donor transplants, paired chain kidney donation and dialysis access surgery. As an alternative to dependence on dialysis treatments, kidney transplantation is now a successful treatment of choice for patients of all ages and different types of kidney diseases including chronic renal failure and end-stage renal disease (ESRD). After transplantation, LLUMC patients experience increased longevity, a better quality of life and a return to a more normal lifestyle with fewer dietary restrictions and freedom from dialysis.

Living Donor Program

Because there are not enough deceased donor organs available, LLUMC specializes in matching potential donors through our living donor kidney transplant program and paired chain program. To ensure the best outcomes for both kidney donors and recipients, our Kidney Transplant Team conducts a thorough investigation of donor patients via screening, crossmatch compatibility testing, comprehensive lab work and consultation with medical specialists. Our transplant surgeons perform laparoscopic surgery to remove a donor’s kidney (nephrectomy) through a remarkably small incision. The procedure is minimally invasive, safe and involves less pain and a quicker recovery period for the living donor.

Our Approach

Through a multidisciplinary team approach, the Transplantation Institute’s dedicated transplant team collaborates with other medical specialists in areas such as immunology, cardiology, and urology to provide our patients and families with high quality care throughout the kidney transplantation process.

Our Kidney Transplant Team

Comprised of physicians, transplant coordinators (nurses), clinical professionals, social workers, dietitians and financial coordinators, our Kidney Transplant Team is deeply committed to providing compassionate whole-person care. From initial evaluation and financial counseling through post-operative care and medication guidance, our patients and families can depend on our highly qualified staff for support through every phase of care.


The Kidney Transplant Program at LLUMC&CH’s Transplantation Institute enjoys full accreditations and regulatory approval by all relevant governing bodies. In 1987, our Kidney Transplant Program at LLUMC’s Transplantation Institute was accredited by Medicare. In 2009, our program was recertified under the new transplant center guidelines. We’re also members in good standing with United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS), the national governing body for transplantation programs and organ procurement agencies.

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