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The nurse practitioners at Loma Linda University are committed to providing the highest standards of care. Working with doctors and staff, the nurse practitioners expertly care for patients like you every day.

Please contact your nurse practitioner with any questions you may have regarding medical care, hospitalization, or post-hospital discharge recommendations.

Urology Nurse Practitioners

  • Karen Uyemura, RN, MS, FNP – 909-558-2284
  • Shannon Stegmeir, RN, MS , FNP-909-558-2830

Pediatric Urology Nurse Practitioners

  • Samantha Jo Church, CPNP – 909-558-2799
  • Stacey Lip, CPNP – 909-558-2799

Hospital based - Post operative Nurse Practitioners

  • Janelle Warren, RN, MS, FNP – 909-558-7414
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