Loma Linda University Medical Center - The Center for Female Pelvic Medicine

The Center for Female Pelvic Medicine

Our surgeons are national experts and have specialized training in the area of Female Pelvic Reconstruction.

Our diagnostic studies include:

o    Pelvic muscle and nerve testing  - Electrophysiology

o    Urinary storage and emptying – Complex urodynamics testing

o    Bowel incontinence testing – Anal manometry and EMG

o    Direct visualization of urethra & bladder – Diagnostic Urethrocystoscopy

o    Anal sphincter imaging – High quality MRI

Our comprehensive treatment options for pelvic floor problems include a variety of medications and a range of non-surgical treatments such as:

o    Pelvic muscle rehabilitation (biofeedback and electrical stimulation)

o    Bladder Botox injection to treat overactive bladder syndrome

o    Medication cocktail injection for pelvic pain problems

o    Collagen injection for stress urinary incontinence

When more conservative measures have failed to correct the condition or are not appropriate, surgery may be the best option. Our surgical treatments include:

o    Minimally invasive surgery for stress urinary incontinence (mini-slings)

o    Minimially invasive surgery for vaginal prolapse (vaginal or Robotic)

o    Sacral nerve modulation for severe overactive bladder syndrome

o    Pelvic reconstruction for dysfunction caused by previous surgery

o    Cosmetic pelvic surgery that is medically necessary

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Our Physicians:

•    Jeffrey Hardesty, MD

•    Sam Siddighi, MD

•    Andrea Staack, MD

•    Gary Barker, MD

•    Roger Hadley, MD