Fourth Surgeon Added at Children's Hospital

Fourth Surgeon Added at Children's Hospital

Monday, October 29, 2007

Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital recently selected Dr. Edward Tagge as its newest pediatric surgeon. Now four surgeons strong, the pediatric surgery team is better equipped to manage the increase in the demand for its services.

Dr. Tagge comes to Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital with unmatched clinical expertise, superior knowledge and a passion for healing. Former Professor of Surgery and Pediatrics at the Medical University of South Carolina, his impressive tenure at that institution lasted nearly 17 years before he made his move to Loma Linda. “The strength of the Children’s Hospital and the reputation of the pediatric surgery group attracted me,” Dr. Tagge said. “I’ve definitely found the right place.”

Dr. Tagge was also drawn to Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital based on the strength of its neonatal unit and its strong legacy of researching and developing innovative approaches to treating pediatric patients. Proving he fits right in, Dr. Tagge is currently pioneering a minimally invasive surgical technique to repair congenital anomalies in newborn babies.

Creating tiny incisions only a millimeter long, the technique offers major patient advantages such as immediate recovery, less pain and minimal scarring. Although minimally invasive surgery has been used before in pediatrics, Dr. Tagge hopes to apply it more frequently in neonatal care.

“Minimally invasive surgery is a major new direction for the neonatal intensive care unit,” Dr.Tagge explained. “With 20 babies there at any given time, it’s where we play a critical role. And that is what defines us as surgeons.”