East Campus Begins Work on Rehab Pavilion

East Campus Begins Work on Rehab Pavilion

Monday, November 12, 2007

East Campus is expanding! Loma Linda University Medical Center’s East Campus is proud to announce that the building of an extensive new Rehabilitation Pavilion is now underway. With ground already broken, major construction is projected to begin in February 2008 and completion is expected approximately 20 months thereafter.

With its planning stages spanning many months already, the 30-million dollar Rehabilitation Pavilion is a well-planned tribute to evidence-based, medical research on recovery and healing. It is also a much needed, additional treatment facility as more and more individuals turn to Loma Linda University Medical Center East Campus for their inpatient recovery. With inpatient stays increasing on average by 8.8%, the Pavilion is a vital cornerstone of the East Campus expansion.

The innovative Rehabilitation Pavilion is set to be a sanctuary of hope, healing and transformation. 24 private rooms featuring private patios will maximize each patient’s comfort level and provide ample personal space. Additionally, lush gardens and parks will be available for therapeutic walks and provide abundant natural light and a variety of healing programs like horticulture therapy.

Research and many recent studies prove that a deeper connection to nature and positive distractions aide in faster patient recovery, and the Pavilion is designed to reflect that focus. Music, art and support group programs will all be available to influence patient wellbeing and speed the overall recovery process.

Loma Linda University Medical Center’s East Campus is thankful to the many groups and individuals who donated funds for this important project. It is the hospital’s goal to continue applying this unique approach to Christ-centered healing to help more patients every year.